Connect to a variety of servers via FTP

FlashFXP is a powerful and flexible FTP/FXP client. FlashFXP provides an easy-to-use interface that incorporates the latest security, advanced options and features.

FlashFXP uses a familiar explorer like interface designed for even the most novice user to be able to master in minutes.

Local and Site to Site File transfers

FlashFXP allows you to transfer files from any FTP server directly to your local hard drive, or transfer files between two FTP sites (Site-to-Site transfers), giving you total control over your uploads and downloads.

FTP Proxy, HTTP Proxy, Socks 4 & 5 support

The program can handle thousands of connection types. If you are behind a firewall, proxy or gateway, there's no need to worry, as FlashFXP can be configured to support almost any network configuration.

Fully featured user interface with drag-and-drop-support

FlashFXP has an intuitive and fully featured user interface, allowing you to do all the common tasks with just a few clicks.

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User reviews about FlashFXP

  • by Anonymous

    Not 100%.
    This isn't a great application. I found it hard to understand the buttons they use for labeling specif...   More